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3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Industrial Gearbox

3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Industrial Gearbox

Gearboxes are integral components of many pieces of industrial equipment. From electric motors to cranes and hoists, your facility can’t operate efficiently without well-maintained gearboxes.

Industrial equipment is complex and expensive. That’s why site managers must take action to increase the longevity of their essential mechanisms. Use these three tips to extend the life of your industrial gearbox to avoid costly replacements and inefficient workflow.

Lubricate Your Gearbox Properly

Gearboxes need proper lubrication to perform at their highest standard. Without lubrication, internal components will wear each other down due to friction. Regularly servicing your industrial gearbox with oil will ensure that it stays in good condition for as long as possible.

Check your manufacturer’s guide to learn how frequently they recommend changing the oil. You should also perform regular fluid checks and monitor daily levels. If you notice a decrease in oil levels, check your gearbox for leaks that could be wasting lubrication materials.

Keep Your Gearbox Clean

If you want to extend the life of your industrial gearbox, you need to keep it clean. Adhering to a regular cleaning routine will keep your equipment operating efficiently. Dirt and grime can cause gearboxes to overheat, leading to rapid internal deterioration.

You should also check gearbox teeth regularly and clear away any debris. Prevent moisture from interfering with your industrial equipment to avoid short circuits and rust development. Isolating your mechanisms in a clean and controlled environment can help keep everything neat and dry.

Inspect and Perform Gearbox Maintenance Often

Of course, frequent inspections and maintenance are the best way to increase your gearbox’s longevity. Checking your equipment will help you stay ahead of developing problems. Industrial upkeep is non-negotiable, so create a schedule and stick to it.

Look out for excess vibrations, worn-out components, and fluid leaks. Keeping a detailed inspection and maintenance record will help you notice patterns that could be impacting your workflow. You can hire an industrial repair shop to oversee your complex apparatuses if you need assistance.

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