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5 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Gearbox

5 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Gearbox

Heavy-duty machinery requires special attention due to the nature of its main activities, which sometimes go nonstop for many days. Every machine has essential parts, including the engine and the gearbox. The gearbox is in charge of helping the engine burn gas to create energy.

Most machines have heavy metal moving pieces that, coupled with the machine’s vibrations, could experience problems over time and wear down some pieces. These five signs its time to replace your gearbox will give you detailed information on what to pay special attention to.

Unresponsive Gears

Unresponsive gears result from different situations that could damage the gearbox by slowing it down or breaking it. To burn gas, a machine requires an engine that works with the gearbox to accelerate or slow down a process. Without a response, there are no results. Unresponsive gears keep the engine running at a single speed, which could cause overheating and even fires.

Strong Vibrations

Gearboxes must stay secured in one place to deliver better results while working with an engine. Strong vibrations are a sign of misalignment or a failing gearbox that needs maintenance or replacement. Various factors could cause this situation. The most common ones are a lack of preventive maintenance and constant movement from the machine.

Leaking Fluids

If there are constant spots of leaking fluid over the machine, the gearbox might have oil problems that could affect the machine's overall performance. Different liquids prevent various situations like overheating and friction between parts. But leaks diminish fluid levels, leading to issues. Luckily, companies like ours that provide gearbox services in the Midwest have the expertise to help you fix any problem.

Overheating Parts

Machines must maintain a constant temperature when functioning, and well-maintained parts work together to keep your machine optimized. Overheating indicates a lack of connection between components or dust accumulation in some of the main systems. A gearbox will deliver good results for around 10 years. After this, overheating is a sign it’s time to replace your gearbox.

Unusual Sounds

Gearboxes and engines are normally loud, which could disguise abnormal noises during the daily work routine. These unusual sounds could come in the form of loud whistling or howling. Noticing these may mean there’s an escape of air and pressure that will eventually damage the machine. They can also indicate that the gear has problems switching, mainly because of a lack of lubrication and constant usage.


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