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Babbitt Bearing Repair Shop in the Midwest

Babbitt bearings are found in pumps, generators, fans, turbines, and various other types of industrial equipment and machinery. They’re designed to support the weight of the shaft and provide a non-damaging surface for the high-speed rotating shaft. A babbitted bearing is bonded with a babbitt (a soft alloy with a low-melting point) in the lining of the bearing. When contamination or failure happens in the electric arcing, lubrication systems, or normal wear-and-tear, the soft babbitt alloy begins to wear instead of the shaft or journal.   

Babbitt bearings have various design features besides oil-lubricated systems. This all depends on bearing load, shaft speed, bearing cooling, shaft stability, and alignment problems. Professionals can fit bearings with temperature and vibration sensors, and the bearings can be water cooled as needed.    

If your babbitt bearings need maintenance and repair, call Illinois Electric Works. We offer reliable and quality babbitt bearing repairs in the Midwest. We’ve been leaders in this industry since 1983 when we reopened in Granite City, Illinois. We have emergency services available, so we will be there for your business no matter what day or hour you may need us.  

Our babbitt bearing repair shop in the Midwest does more than just babbitt bearing repairs. We are a dependable electric motor distributor in the area.  

Illinois Electric Works is equipped to handle Babbitt bearing repairs in the Midwest in-house. We are able to static pour and spin cast our babbitt. Babbitt bearings have characteristics that make them excellent choices for high speed and large motors and having a shop that can repair them gives our customers great value. If your business is searching for a leader in the industry to repair your babbitt bearings, contact Illinois Electric Works. Our babbitt bearing repair shops in the Midwest are here to get you back up and running.   

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