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Electrical Specialty Services

At Illinois Electric Works, we’re more than just your average repair and supplier company. We also provide specialty services to fit unique needs. We strive for customer satisfaction and want you to depend on us for various tasks. Excellent workmanship, high safety standards, and an exceptional team make our company the best!  


There’s no job too small or big for our team. Here at Illinois Electric Works we work to comply with your every need. That’s why we offer electrical specialty services to accommodate your business. Please contact our team to see if we can assist you.  


Lehr Heaters
On-site machining
Removal and installation services of pumps, motors and controls
Critical spare evaluation
Motor/transformer storage services
Prototype development
Electric motor performance engineering services
Energy efficiency studies/surveys.

Industrial Equipment Installation and Removal

Electric motor performance engineering services

Lehr Heater

The Importance of Professional Care 

When it comes to safeguarding your business, safety and reliability are crucial. Sure, you can perform some services in-house. But there are certain processes beyond your expertise. Mitigate risks, ensure safety compliance, and establish reliable systems with professional care. We’re one of the most dependable electric motor suppliers and industrial equipment repair companies in the Midwest.  


Our knowledgeable staff has experience with electrical specialty services, so all our experts can support your operation. Equipped with specialized tools and equipment, we efficiently perform all types of tasks. Let us navigate complex systems, evaluate machines, or provide unique solutions.  


Professional care offers peace of mind as you entrust work to seasoned staff. You can work smarter with capable hands! 

Reliable Solutions 

Some of our past work includes specialty valve repair, impeller specialty coating, and elevator motor repair. We offer reliable solutions to fit your unique needs. Our time, resources, and efforts can solve your issues and enhance productivity. We’re only a phone call away.  

Industry-Leading Service 

Our qualified team offers top-quality services to support your operation. We pride ourselves on providing the best machine and motor services that streamline production. Whether you need pump replacements or on-site machining, we can help you! Backed by our modern practices and quality assurance, we ensure you receive adequate results. We’re a detail-oriented team that’s committed to customer satisfaction. Expect timely evaluations, professional input, and proper fixes from Illinois Electric Works. Remember, you’re in good hands with our team. Please reach out to us today. 


Valve Repair
Valve Repair
Limit Torque Valve
Special impeller coating
Lehr Heater Repair
Early 1900 Elevator Motor
Babbitt Repair
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