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Laser Alignment Services

Illinois Electric Works has been doing laser alignment services since the technology was introduced in 1988. Over the past few decades, our laser alignment process has become faster, more efficient, and more cost effective for our customers. Our skilled craftsmen have encountered all types of equipment and set-ups and are ready to make sure your coupling alignment proceeds quickly with the highest degree of accuracy.

To ensure the correct operation of the motor and its multitude of parts, the precision alignment of motor shafts is vital. Without the proper equipment to ensure this level of precision, you risk misalignments that will cost you far more in the long run due to equipment failure. Electric motor alignment keeps equipment running efficiently, reduces power costs, reduces motor vibration, maximizes bearing life, and extends the total life of the machine.

-Laser Coupling Alignment
-Thermal Growth Alignment and Repairs 

-Motor Soft Foot

Here at Illinois Electric Works, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced professionals in large-scale laser alignment services. While almost no job is too large for us to handle, your job doesn’t need to be huge if you wish to enlist our assistance. Even the smallest jobs matter, and we’ll gladly put ourselves to work ensuring your coupling alignment puts you in the best position possible moving forward.

Couplings that aren’t aligned properly can cause your entire operation to shut down and wait for a fix. Get ahead of these issues before they become real problems by putting your trust in Illinois Electric Works’ services.

If you have any questions about how we can use our skills in laser alignment to help you and your company, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We'll gladly discuss the specifics of your job and what you need from us to get yourself set up in the best way possible.

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