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Strategies Industrial Plants Can Use To Reduce Energy Costs

Strategies Industrial Plants Can Use To Reduce Energy Costs

When you’re running an industrial plant, the amount of power you have at your disposal is vital to efficiency. In many cases, these machines use millions of volts just to warm up, costing you increasing amounts of money each day. Fortunately, there are ways to help cut back on these excess expenses and conserve funds for other operational areas. These are some strategies industrial plants can use to reduce energy costs and how you can practice them in your facility.

Perform an Energy Audit

The first major step to saving energy in your business operations is determining which areas of your plant pose the biggest issues. Some pieces of equipment use more energy than others, and you can even lose money from undiagnosed damage or system leaks. For this reason, performing a full inspection and comparing the numbers is the best way to find out what actions will benefit you most.

Schedule Your Equipment Operations

You can also decrease your energy expenses by setting up an operations schedule for your equipment. After all, it’s rare that every machine needs to run at once, and activating lower-energy models can have a large impact on the electricity you use as a whole. This is why it’s recommended you reserve your high-power machines for peak business hours. In doing so, you’re not letting the equipment sit idle and only using the energy you need.

Optimize Your Industrial Air Compressors

Another noteworthy strategy industrial plants can use to reduce energy costs is to install upgraded industrial air compressors. When air compressors go bad, they tend to spring leaks that can cost you hundreds of extra business dollars every year. As such, regularly checking them and installing newer models can prevent these occurrences and keep more cash in the company account.

Keep Up With Machine Repairs

Most importantly, though, you should do your best to stay on top of your equipment repairs. Many pieces of industrial equipment use variable frequency drives that control the speed of that machine’s motor. When these components break down over time, it’s easy for you to lose control over how much power you use up. So, performing the necessary repairs is vital to correct the issue before it starts to show on your bills.

If you’re looking for a team of qualified professionals to help keep your industrial plant equipment in efficient performing condition, Illinois Electric Works is the team for you. Our variable frequency drive repair services are authorized to work on even the most demanding industrial motors and machines. We even work with several major brands including Toshiba and Benshaw. So, you know you’re getting nothing short of a quality fix.


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