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You may have heard a switched reluctance motor referred to as a variable reluctance motor. There is a rising emphasis on energy efficiency in every industry, and we’re seeing switched reluctance motors taking more prominent roles in industrial uses, appliances, and both vehicular and commercial applications. The simple and rugged construction, insensitivity to extreme temperatures, and high-speed operating of the motor are what have caused this part to gain interest in many applications, including electric vehicles and wind energy systems. A company like Illinois Electric Works, specializing in switched electric motor repair, will provide you with the best solutions if you run into any performance issues. 

What is a switched reluctance motor? We’re going to break this down into two parts to help you better understand this motor.


  • The reluctance of a magnetic material is its ability to oppose the flow of magnetic flux. The electromagnetic field will exert a strong force onto any steel force near it to align with the invisible magnetic field.  

  • “Switched” refers to the location of the magnetic field, which is switched from one location to the next adjacent to continue to spin the rotor.  


Now, here’s the complete definition of switched reluctance: it’s an electromagnetic, rotary machine where the torque produced by the movable parts moves to a different position to maximize the exiting wind. These machines offer better reliability and performance, cost less, and are more efficient than standard induction or other adjustable speed motors.  Also known as variable reluctance motors, they operate based on the principle of magnetism. The main idea is to use the natural attraction and repulsion between magnets to create rotary motion. In simple terms, it consists of a rotor that does not have any windings or permanent magnets on it, unlike other electric motors. 


Illinois Electric Works is the one and only motor repair shop with switched reluctance motor repair capabilities. We know that all machinery will need maintenance, and that’s why our professionals are here to help you in your time of need. We offer many repair services, including to your centrifugal fans and blowers, cranes, hoists, and switched reluctance motor repair. Illinois Electric Works is a reliable company with 24-7 emergency services because we understand that maintenance happens at any time of the day. Feel free to look around our website to see all the services our incredible business offers.   
Contact us to learn more. 

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