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Electric Motor Starters for Sale


Industrial electric motor starters are the cornerstone of any equipment work in your business. These machines control electrical and can start, reverse, accelerate, and protect motors. They consist of contractors and overloads, which are two blocks that supervise power outputs. Contractors manage electric currents and repeatably establish and interrupt a power circuit. Overloads protect your motors by preventing overheating. Without a reliable industrial motor starter, consisting of quality contractors and overloads, your business can suffer from spotty performance. At the end of the day, maintaining your trusted equipment and machinery will always allow for more success and better results.


At Illinois Electric Works, we provide Toshiba and Benshaw motor starters that workers trust across dozens of industries, ensuring your business maintains excellent service and carries a trusted reputation. No matter the scope of your job, whether big or small, you can buy industrial motor starters from us with the utmost confidence in knowing that they will perform to the highest degree. Quality equipment is defined by its ability to handle your business’s demands and the projects you undertake. Alongside these top-of-the-line products, Illinois Electric Works is among the best for motor starter repairs in the Midwest, as we offer expert repair services for all aspects and components of your quality electric motor starters. Furthermore, you can actually sell us your used equipment if you’re looking to make a quick buck or trade-in for an upgrade.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to inquire further about the services we offer, about the products we carry, or for more information on selling your used equipment, including eligibility. We offer friendly service and are eager to answer any and all questions.

Illinois Electric proudly offers Benshaw and Toshiba motor starters and is an authorized warranty repair center. 


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