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Electric Motor Efficiency: Why Frequent Servicing Is a Must

Electric Motor Efficiency: Why Frequent Servicing Is a Must

Industrial motors are everywhere, and so many people and establishments rely on them for power. Since these devices play such an integral role in business, manufacturing, and daily life, improving their performance is necessary. There are so many reasons why frequent servicing is a must regarding electric motor efficiency. Keep reading to learn the advantages so you can improve processes in your own facility.

Identify Problems

Preventative motor maintenance rests on the theory that minimal but frequent servicing helps extend the life of your equipment. Having a professional check your motors allows them to identify minor problems before they become massive issues. This is imperative since large repair projects cost a lot of time and money. Even if something doesn’t seem like a big deal, it could turn into a huge nuisance in the future that could negatively affect production, performance, and safety conditions.

Eliminate Downtime

In any professional field, time equals money. If your essential equipment doesn’t work to the best of its ability, you are wasting valuable resources that bring down your entire operation. Regular maintenance eliminates downtime by ensuring that your mechanisms function at their highest standards. In industrial fields like manufacturing and construction, a faulty motor will have undesirable consequences, so make sure to schedule frequent inspections.

Conserve Energy

Unchecked industrial motors are energy guzzlers since they require more power to operate at their most basic levels. Frequent servicing is a must for electric motor efficiency because effective equipment consumes a reasonable amount of energy. Small factors like dust accumulation and loose parts may require your motor to work harder for minimal output. Inspecting your generators for these small blemishes will help you conserve energy and improve your facility’s utility bills.

Save Money

Perhaps the most attractive advantage of regular motor maintenance to improve efficiency is the money-saving opportunities. It might seem like hiring someone to check your equipment often costs more than it’s worth, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. Inefficient motors consume profits through energy waste, downtime, and extensive repair or replacement projects. Optimizing your equipment’s productivity puts money back in your pocket so that you can reinvest it into your plant.

Illinois Electric Works commits to increasing your equipment’s efficiency. If you need to upgrade your VFD to improve performance, contact us today.


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