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5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Electric Motors

5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Electric Motors

Every industrial setting needs motors to power its machinery. Generators are expensive investments that could potentially last for several years. However, their longevity is dependent on the care they receive over time. If you want to protect your purchase and keep it in good condition, here are five tips and tricks for maintaining your electric motors.

Develop a Routine

Industrial motors deteriorate faster when they don’t have a regular maintenance schedule. Developing a routine will ensure that all of your essential equipment remains in top shape. Schedule in-depth inspections according to manufacturer instructions, and make sure that technicians are checking motors daily for signs of wear and tear.

Check Motor Mounts

Motor mounts help eliminate excessive vibrations and keep your electric generators secure. Faulty mounts can wobble and pose a real safety hazard and contribute to motor decline. Vibrations allow components within your industrial motor to rattle and rub together, creating friction damage. Incorporate motor mount checks along with your daily equipment inspections to ensure all bolts and essential elements are tight.

Lubricate Parts Properly

Proper lubrication is vital to maintaining the health of your generator. Unlubricated motors won’t withstand shock or vibrations well and will experience rapid degradation. Overlubricated motors may generate excessive heat, withering down windings and other crucial components. Industrial managers can use automatic grease dispensers to ensure that staff properly lubricate their equipment.

Manage Motor Moisture

Moisture can cause significant issues within your electrical equipment. Water can collect in different parts of a generator when it goes without use for an extended period of time. Excess moisture often leads to rust and electrical malfunctions, which can be tricky to repair. Specific motor grease has anti-moisture properties incorporated into them, so keep a supply on hand to eliminate this problem.

Keep Accurate Documentation

Every time someone services your electric motors, make sure to keep accurate records. This documentation will help you determine when you need to schedule your next maintenance inspection. Recording your maintenance procedures will also allow you to identify patterns in faulty equipment. These records will help you extend the life of your motors and keep you from doing any unnecessary work.

Keep these tips and tricks for maintaining your electric motors in mind when inspecting your machines. If you identify any repair opportunities, contact Illinois Electric Works for midwest industrial generator repair near you.


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