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Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Hoists

Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Hoists

Industrial cranes and hoists are integral pieces of equipment. Without them, facilities couldn’t lift heavy machinery and perform their essential functions. However, poorly maintained hoists can be an extreme safety hazard and negatively affect productivity.

Caring for your cranes is essential for increasing their longevity and protecting your investment. If you want to maintain efficiency and improve your business’s safety standards, avoid these mistakes that shorten the life of your hoists.

Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Manual

Each piece of industrial equipment comes with a manufacturer’s manual. This document explains best practices and emergency response procedures. Ignoring these recommendations is one of the worst things you can do as a hoist operator.

Never try to lift something that is heavier than your hoist’s weight capacity. Make sure you’re using the right lifting equipment for your unique projects. All this information is available in your manufacturer’s manual; study it often and refer back to it when you have operational questions.

Performing Infrequent Inspections

Industrial hoists may look durable, but they still need frequent maintenance. One of the biggest mistakes that shortens the life of your hoists is performing infrequent inspections. You must regularly check your lifting equipment for worn components, low fluid levels, and corrosion.

Hoist inspections should extend to your electrical systems, too. Check your outlets and circuits for blown fuses, fried wires, and other problems that could lead to electrical overload. Make sure hoist control systems work adequately by looking for sticky buttons and unresponsive components.

Relying on Damaged Equipment

Your inspections mean nothing if you don’t address the damage you find. Too often, industrial facilities continue to rely on worn-out components instead of investing in high-quality parts. Replace bent hooks, corroded cables, and rusty wires as soon as you notice them.

It might seem like using these components past their prime saves money. However, the strain that damaged parts put on your hoists and other equipment is expensive. You’ll spend more money replacing broken machines than you would for minor parts.

Extend the Life of Your Hoists With Illinois Electric Works

To avoid these critical hoist mistakes, hire a Midwest crane and hoist repair service like Illinois Electric Works. Our expert technicians have years of experience retrofitting parts, installing equipment, and performing preventative maintenance. Contact us today to extend your industrial hoists’ longevity.


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