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The 3 Best Times To Schedule Your Electric Motor Repair

Electric motors are essential components across many industries. As such, it’s important to keep them in good shape so that they operate efficiently. Restoring your equipment at the right moment will help you protect your investments and improve your workflow. Here are the three best times to schedule your electric motor repair.

When Your Equipment Sustains Damage

Electric motors operating in industrial facilities are vulnerable to many risks. Harsh conditions can strain these devices, and improper use by untrained staff can have devastating consequences. Improperly operating heavy machinery around industrial motors may result in unwanted downtime as well.

One of the best times to schedule your electric motor repair is, naturally, after it sustains any kind of damage. Even if you think the issue is minor, ignoring it will only worsen things in the long run. It’s better to address problems ASAP to increase your motor’s longevity, improve safety standards, and exceed production expectations.

When Inspections Identify Problems

Inspecting your equipment frequently can help you avoid problems before they become significant nuisances. Just because your motor appears in good condition doesn’t mean there aren’t problems brewing beneath the surface. There may be underlying issues that you need to address to keep your motors in working order.

Employ an industrial motor expert to inspect your equipment regularly for wear, tear, and areas of improvement. If your professional identifies any concerning areas, schedule a repair as soon as possible. Doing so will put you one step ahead and help you use your time and resources more efficiently.

When the Manufacturer Recommends It

Your motor manufacturer will be the leading expert in your equipment’s upkeep. They likely have a set of manufacturer recommendations that will allow your motor to run smoothly. From operational directions to general maintenance, your motor’s production team can point you in the right direction.

Scheduling repairs when you locate damage and notice potential problems might be obvious, but you should also adhere to manufacturer guidelines. Industrial motors are complex, so you might not recognize issues or damages at first. Following manufacturer directions will ensure that you service your equipment in an appropriate amount of time.

When you decide to schedule maintenance and repairs, make sure to use a reputable electric motor supplier. Illinois Electric Works will check your equipment with a fine-tooth comb and solve your most challenging problems. Alternatively, check out our shop to look at new motors and compare the repair/replace costs. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!


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