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Understanding How VFD Maintenance Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Understanding How VFD Maintenance Can Boost Your Bottom Line

A variable frequency drive—also called adjustable speed drive or inverter—monitors and adjusts motor speeds accordingly. In many business and industrial applications, these devices can make a real difference in operational costs. Here are the keys to understanding how VFD maintenance can boost your bottom line.

Smarter Energy Use

Have you ever walked into a room and the lights switch on suddenly? It may seem like some futuristic life improvement to not need a light switch, but lightbulb sensors are more than that. They improve the energy efficiency of light fixtures by turning bulbs off after a preset amount of time and no movement.

Variable frequency drives act similarly by managing motor speeds to create smarter workflows that reduce energy use. In turn, this lowers electricity costs, giving you money to reallocate in your budget. However, if you avoid maintaining your VFD, it could work against you and inadvertently use more energy than you intended.

Quicker Workflows

As the adage goes, time is money, and you cannot afford to misspend it. So, why do many operations run their machines inefficiently? A VFD steps in to optimize workflows and make the most use of devices during peak times of operational work. You could run a machine all day long, but you will spend more downtime fixing or replacing parts that break under such stress. You can avoid unwanted downtime and more significant problems in the future with regular VFD maintenance.

Longer-Lasting Motors

Variable frequency drives help make the most of the motors you already have. If you ignore problems with your VFDs and allow them to fall into disrepair, you will also harm your motors. A VFD will keep machines from running at perpetual peak performance and burning out too soon. So, make sure your VFD is in the best condition possible; otherwise, you could face a difficult repair. When you care for your motors and VFDs, you will save time and money in the long run.

Understanding how VFD maintenance can boost your bottom line impacts business owners and plant managers. When it comes to your budgets and finances, you should always look for ways to cut costs effectively, and maintaining your variable frequency drive is just the way to do so. If you need a VFD service to examine and repair your machines, reach out to us at Illinois Electric Works today.


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