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What Is the Maintenance of a Variable Frequency Drive?

What Is the Maintenance of a Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive is very important for many processes and electrical systems in business and industrial places. Ensuring these devices work is very important for the continuous operation of these systems. That’s why you should learn what is the maintenance of a variable frequency drive, or VFD.

Clean and Dry

The first thing you should do is keep the VFD in a dry space that’s free of dust and other particles. Just like with computers and other electronics, VFDs are susceptible to dust and water. Regular maintenance should include cleaning up the area around the VFD and regulating the humidity in the nearby area.

Check Connections

The next part of maintenance for a VFD is checking the connections in and around the VFD. A common cause for issues is bad connections and wire issues because of wear or regular use. Even simple mistakes like overtightening a screw can cause bad connections and damage a VFD.

Inspect for Abnormalities

If you’re not running frequent and regular inspections of your VFD, then you’ll likely miss something important, and it’ll break down. Check the device regularly, both inside and out, for any leaks, bulges, or discolorations. These are signs you should get some variable frequency drive repair services out to your location.

Monitor Basic Metrics

The last part of this guide on what is the maintenance of a variable frequency drive is monitoring the basic metrics during a regular performance. Things such as resting voltage and heat-sink temperatures are great metrics you can measure, as inconsistencies often point to issues with your VFD. Invest in some simple systems or devices that measure these metrics and check them during regular workdays for signs of issues.

These are the major steps you should take for the maintenance of your VFDs. By following this guide, you’re helping continue your operations and you don’t even need heavy investments to do so. Be sure to check out our available VFDs next time you find yourself in the market!


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