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2 Major Factors To Consider for Purchasing an Electric Motor

2 Major Factors To Consider for Purchasing an Electric Motor

Electric motors are vital pieces of equipment that are worth the investment. However, buying the right one for your facility does take some special consideration to ensure you’re making the best choice. Of course, aspects like cost and speed are obvious, but there are other things to think about before making a significant purchase. Here are two major factors to consider for purchasing an electric motor.

Enclosure Rating

Industrial motors are unique devices that can be delicate under certain conditions. To ensure that you choose the best motor for your facility, you need to know your environment’s enclosure rating. This will guarantee that you have a suitable motor to operate your essential equipment.

Enclosure ratings indicate the type of environment you need to run specific industrial motors. Some devices are fragile and can sustain damage from dust, water, and other kinds of debris. Others are more durable and simply need protection to adhere to safety standards. Knowing this information will keep you from purchasing equipment that doesn’t suit your facility.

Required Power

Another major factor to consider for purchasing an electric motor is the required power to use your equipment. Depending on the intended use, your motor may offer too much or too little power to run your essential applications. For example, operating an overhead crane might require a different power level than running other heavy machinery.

Knowing how much power you need is essential to choosing the correct motor. Small devices will become overwhelmed when paired with massive machines, decreasing their overall longevity. However, motors too big for the job will cause interruptions that will create unnecessary downtime and degrade the device's internal structures.

Other Factors To Consider

While these two factors are among the most significant to consider, there are other elements you need to keep in mind to make the best purchase. These aspects include:

  • Maintenance needs

  • Noise emissions

  • Space constraints

  • Altitude

All of these things work together to create perfect motor operating conditions. Your location, production needs, and budget will all determine which of these qualities are most important to your facility.

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