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3 Signs Your Industrial Electric Motor Needs Servicing

3 Signs Your Industrial Electric Motor Needs Servicing

It’s easy to tell when your electric motor is working correctly. Operations will run smoothly, with very little noise from equipment and minimal downtime. However, knowing when your motors need repairs can be a little more challenging.

Industrial equipment is complex, making common issues easy to miss. The good news is that there are a few telltale indications that your equipment needs some assistance. Don’t wait until you need a completely new device; here are three signs your industrial electric motor needs servicing.

Frequent Overheating

Any piece of equipment running on or generating electricity will likely produce heat. However, heat production is only commonplace within certain bounds. If your industrial electric motor is emitting excessive amounts of heat or even smoking, it’s time to have someone take a look.

Overheating occurs for a multitude of reasons. Typically, it happens when cooling fans and airways have blockages or sustain damage. You’ll need to correct this problem immediately to avoid safety hazards or melting components that will hurt your equipment beyond repair.

Excess Noise

Another sign your industrial electric motor needs servicing is excess noise. Your equipment will emit low sounds while functioning, but it shouldn’t be deafening. You also shouldn’t hear rattling or vibrations coming from your electric motors.

Excess noise could signify that smaller parts within your motor are loose. It could also be a sign that your industrial equipment is working too hard for small output. Either way, you should contact your motor shop ASAP to address any strange noises coming from your devices.

Inadequate Performance

Of course, the most obvious sign that your motor needs repairs lies within its performance. Pay attention to things like speed, energy, and output. If any of these things have changed for the worse since purchasing your motor, it probably needs servicing.

You’ll know that your motor is performing poorly when it takes longer to do the same tasks. It will also consume more energy and produce more heat to do minimal work. Industrial motors are supposed to help operations, not hinder them, so stay on top of maintenance and repairs to keep them operating to their fullest capacity.

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