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4 Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

4 Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

Motor failures can prove challenging on an industrial site. They’re expensive to fix and contribute to downtime that costs your operation money. Preventing industrial motor problems is essential to increasing productivity.

Ahead, learn some common causes of electric motor failure. Knowing what to look for will help you catch issues before they turn into production delays or shutdowns.

Electrical Overload

Electricity can be a difficult element to handle. While industrial equipment needs a lot of power to function, you should beware of electrical overload. Also known as overcurrent, this happens when motors use more current than they can withstand.

Electrical overload will degrade internal components and reduce your motor’s overall efficiency. Invest in overcurrent protection to keep your equipment safe.


Anything that draws on electricity is at risk of overheating. While heat production is normal under certain circumstances, extreme heat is dangerous to both machines and employees. Your motor could burn or smoke, or even melt internal or external components.

If your motor overheats, there might be a problem with its cooling and ventilation system. Dirt and other contaminants may be blocking fans trying to keep things cool. The problem could also stem from your surroundings; if your facility is too hot, your equipment will overheat faster.

Moisture Damage

Water is a well-known enemy of electrical devices. Even though industrial motors are durable, moisture exposure can still cause them to break down. Maintaining the insulation in your facility is critical to keep water from damaging electrical systems.

The biggest threat is humidity. This is another reason why keeping your work environment cool is so important. Excess water will destroy your heavy machinery.

Improper Lubrication

Another common cause of electric motor failure is improper lubrication. The internal components in an under-lubricated motor can grind against each other, leading to erosion. Check your reservoirs for leaks to ensure your lubricants work well.

You should also ensure you don’t overlubricate your industrial motors. Excess grease leads to overheating. Too much grease can force your motor to work harder than necessary, consuming excess energy.

Repair Your Electric Motor With Illinois Electric Works

If you struggle with any of these motor failure causes, call Illinois Electric Works ASAP. We offer motor and crane repair in the Midwest region to keep your equipment in good condition. Schedule a consultation or request a quote online today.


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