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4 Useful Methods of Preventing VFD Failure

4 Useful Methods of Preventing VFD Failure

Technology keeps evolving to monitor machines to enhance performance and keep the environment safe and functional. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is an electronic device that provides power to different machines by regulating the voltage they use to work.

These four useful methods of preventing VFD failure will help you reach and develop your VFD’s potential while minimizing mistakes. Machine failure can result in costly expenses; identifying problems before they worsen and having good machine practices will save energy and optimize performance.

Preventive Maintenance

VFDs require preventive maintenance to monitor performance and prevent accidents and downtime that could delay production and results. You should not clean a VFD with water or liquid solvents because doing so could severely damage the machine and interfere with communication between machines.

Maintenance practices should include visual inspections, good connection with outlets and other machines, regular cleaning and vacuuming of filters, and repairs when needed. Weekly and monthly upkeep should also involve cleaning filters and ventilation units. You must have a professional VFD service perform annual inspections to tighten connections, check power supplies, and replace worn-down parts.

Matching Connections

A VFD will regulate the power supply to different machines and identify where some might be incompatible, which could damage both the machine and the frequency drive. Ensuring that machines can match the voltage and connections will deliver better results.

The type of business, capacity, and volume will determine the size and power of your VFD to avoid unwanted downtime. Loose connections or old machine parts could cause premature aging; cables and connections must have protection and insulation.

Good Environment

The environment in which your variable frequency voltage develops directly impacts its performance, and keeping it safe, dry, and clean is essential. A VFD is a computer, so providing a cool, shaded environment will prevent overheating, minimize moisture, and extend the device’s life span. Preventing VFD failure requires attention to detail, maintenance, and appropriate external conditions.

Avoid Machine Overuse

VFDs can offer solutions to various problems, but their systems must be in optimal condition to deliver results. Constant changes in voltage and overusing a machine can produce errors and affect workflow. To successfully cover your business needs, you must run the system with the manufacturer’s instructions and limitations.


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