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5 Services Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Offer

5 Services Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Offer

Some facilities learn the hard way that all motor maintenance shops aren’t equal. Your industrial motor company should be reliable, have excellent client communication, and provide a wide range of services to improve your operations. When looking for a reputable business to check your equipment, keep a lookout for these five services your electric motor repair company should offer.

Vibration Analysis

Excessive vibrations can quickly deteriorate your industrial motors. If you want to increase the longevity of your essential equipment, work with a company that offers vibration analysis. Professionals will run tests to identify rattling components, such as gears, pumps, and misaligned loads. Hire a repair shop that offers frequent analysis so your motors stay in peak condition.

Thermographic Scanning

When it comes to industrial facilities, it’s best to get ahead of problems before they become massive issues. One way to avoid downtime due to broken machines is through thermographic scanning. This technology can locate the most minuscule faults in your motors and give you time to make repairs. Make sure your industrial motor shop not only offers this service but has knowledgeable professionals on hand to interpret the data accurately.

Laser Alignment

Another service your electric motor repair company should offer is laser alignment. Industrial equipment is highly complex and often sensitive to environmental factors. The slightest misalignment can completely derail your operations and lead to expensive repairs down the line. Laser alignments can correct even the smallest problems with the utmost precision, so make sure you work with a company that knows how to use this technology.

PmDA Tests

Preventative maintenance is key to operating an efficient industrial site. Your electric motor repair shop should offer PmDA tests to help you stay on top of your machinery’s conditions. PmDA stands for “predictive motor analysis,” and these services are usually portable, versatile, and highly accurate. These tests typically result in lower repair costs and higher performance output, so make sure your motor company offers them.

Efficiency Studies

If you want to run a productive plant, you need to conduct efficiency studies on your industrial tools. The right repair service will offer various surveys to check your equipment’s power consumption, performance, and lifespan. Whether you want to reduce your environmental impact or reduce utility costs, efficiency studies can give you a lot of valuable information. Use an industrial motor service that can conduct these investigations and guide you as you make improvements.

Your electric motor repair company should be a one-stop shop for all your industrial needs. From Midwest gearbox repair services and beyond, Illinois Electric Works offers everything you need to maintain your equipment. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.


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