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Factors to Consider When Inspecting an Industrial Gearbox

Factors to Consider When Inspecting an Industrial Gearbox

Most industrial machines and equipment use some version of a gearbox for vital functions. This makes gearboxes extremely important for anyone counting on these devices. However, gearboxes can be quite delicate and need proper maintenance so that they don’t break down. The best way to care for them is to perform routine and thorough inspections to find issues early. Here are some of the factors to consider when inspecting an industrial gearbox.

Gearbox Rating

Before you start your gearbox inspection, you should familiarize yourself with the specifications and needs of your gearboxes. Most boxes come with a guide that explains how often you should inspect them. These will also cover everything you should know for identifying problems. Use these to find any performance issues inside your gearbox.

Check for Leaks

One common problem that you should look out for is leaking in your gearbox. There can be many fluids in your gearbox. You don’t want any of them to leak. Get in the habit of checking your gearbox for any errant liquids so that you can find and fix the problem.

Reapply Lubricant

Gearboxes feature parts that grind and rub against each other. Most people apply lubricant to the gears and parts to solve the problems this can cause. Since you’re already checking the gearbox during an inspection, that’s the perfect time to reapply the lubricant.

Look For Wear

As you inspect your gearbox, you should watch out for natural wear and tear. Although lubricant helps limit the amount of wear a gearbox gets, it doesn’t eliminate it completely. Run your inspections often and look for any wear before it causes problems for the gearbox.

Detect Overheating

A common issue that plagues many machines is overheating. This can cause massive damage to your entire machine and is something you should watch for. Evaporating water or warped metal are some obvious signs of overheating. Plus, you can sometimes find discoloration or smoke from extreme overheating along with melted bits around an overheating gearbox.

If you do find any issues, make sure you hire an industrial gearbox repair service. You can then tell them what you found in your inspection so that they can deal with it properly. That’s why it’s vital to know the factors to consider when inspecting an industrial gearbox. This information will help you tell them what needs fixing. Reach out to Illinois Electric Works to learn more.


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