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How To Extend the Life of Your Industrial Electric Motor

How To Extend the Life of Your Industrial Electric Motor

Machines that run for long periods of time under extreme duress can break down or burn out without adequate protection. If you use electric motors in your facility, then you know the importance of a high-powered, efficient, and reliable machine. Ahead, learn how to extend the life of your industrial electric motor.

Consistent Lubrication

Motors rely on smooth, consistent actions when running. Even the smallest debris or unoiled surface could create friction that destroys the engine or necessitates repairs. That’s where lubrication comes in—a measured amount of oil will keep friction at bay.

However, you should note that over or under-greasing a motor can damage it. An under-greased motor leads to exposed areas that wear more quickly; an over-greased motor creates densely packed spaces and higher operating temperatures that lead to heat damage. Make sure you consult with a professional when lubricating your electric motor.

Balanced Voltage

As an electric motor, the electrical voltage is vital to the success of its operation. Voltage describes the force, tension, or pressure in an electrical system. This pressure moves electrons through a circuit and creates a flow of energy. You can imagine how an unbalanced electrical force can become detrimental to an electric motor. You should check the voltage input to your motor and monitor for abnormalities in flow. Technicians in a motor repair shop can use tools like oscilloscopes to measure the voltage, ensuring the machine makes the most of the energy it uses.

Effective Cooling

Motors generate significant amounts of heat, so effective cooling is essential to long-term machine health. These machines need fans, vents, and sometimes coolants to expel pent-up heat. If you notice high operating temperatures, you may have a problem with one of these cooling mechanisms.

Knowing how to extend the life of your industrial electric motor will lead to a healthy machine. If you want your mechanical investments to endure, you should continue checking up on and repairing them as necessary. If you have any electric motor maintenance or repair questions, reach out to us at Illinois Electric Works today.


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