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How To Increase Your Industrial Pump’s Efficiency

How To Increase Your Industrial Pump’s Efficiency

Industrial pumps are common in a wide array of sites, including manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, and even amusement parks. As such, keeping up with your pump’s performance is crucial to your operations. Whether you’re looking to conserve energy or improve functions, enhancing your equipment’s processes will impact your business for the better. Learn how to increase your industrial pump’s efficiency to upgrade performance.

Size Pumps Appropriately

It’s common for some engineers to oversize pumps in their designs. Professionals do this to account for any unforeseen performance requirements. However, oversizing your pumps for their intended applications often wastes energy and degrades your equipment. The best practice is to use a pump that closely adheres to its BEP (best efficiency point) to operate at its best.

Utilize Parallel Pumps

If you want to increase your industrial pump’s efficiency without oversizing, consider utilizing a parallel pumping system. Pushing this type of equipment to overperform puts unnecessary strain on your pumps, motors, and other mechanisms. This extra pressure will accelerate any wear and tear your pump already has and reduce its productivity.

Avoid Unnecessary Use

A lot of work goes into optimizing industrial sites, but oversights still occur. Workers often leave pumps running when they aren’t in use, expending significant amounts of energy and causing essential components to deteriorate faster. The best way to avoid this problem is by training staff and using system sensors. This way, pumps and motors will shut themselves off in the event that an employee forgets to power down.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Following best practices doesn’t eliminate the need to perform regular pump maintenance. Inspecting your equipment frequently will allow you to catch any potential problems before they become a massive nuisance. Your industrial pump will perform more efficiently if you’re diligent about keeping it in good condition. Take care of any problems as soon as you identify them so that you can keep producing high-quality work.

Don’t let poor pump performance impact your industrial site negatively. Schedule your Midwest pump repair services with Illinois Electric Works to enhance your essential pieces of equipment. Your pumps and accompanying mechanisms will meet and exceed expectations with a little bit of TLC.


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