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Key Factors To Consider Before Buying a New Electric Motor

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying a New Electric Motor

Electric motors are essential to the success of many industries. These devices are responsible for running the most vital applications in commercial buildings, so they must perform optimally at all times. However, industrial motors are a considerable investment, so professionals need to choose wisely when thinking about replacing their equipment. Here are a few key factors to consider before buying a new electric motor.


Speed is one of the most important variables to think about when looking for a new motor. How fast do your machines need to run to meet your production needs? Most motors have two speed types: constant and variable. For applications that need to run on consistent levels, choose a motor that runs at a constant speed. For tasks that require fluctuations, you’ll need a motor that operates at a variable speed.


The next key factor to consider before buying a new electric motor is horsepower. Your device needs enough energy to supply power to all of your essential machines, tools, and building functions. It’s not enough that your industrial engines run your equipment, but they should also be able to support your facility’s HVAC and lighting systems. Opt for a motor with a little more horsepower than necessary, but be sure to monitor it carefully to avoid wasting energy.


Like most industrial equipment, the environment plays a vital role in the performance of electric motors. Before purchasing a new one, be sure to examine the installation area for any potential problems. Dirty workspaces can influence a motor’s efficiency, and rooms without temperature control may lead to overheating. Get the most out of your appliance by placing it in a space where professionals can monitor and keep it in good condition.

Life Span

Ensure you choose an electric motor with a long life span. Has your electric motor distributor fit the device with the latest technology? Did you purchase from a company that offers repair services? While regular wear and tear is normal, you’ll want to use a motor that is worth the time and money spent on installing it.

Knowing your facility’s needs is the first step to selecting a suitable industrial motor. Having discretion while choosing will ensure you make the best decision for your production site.


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