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Minor Generator Testing vs. Major Generator Testing

Minor Generator Testing vs. Major Generator Testing

The first step to servicing any kind of industrial equipment is testing. Having professionals inspect your machines can help you catch small hindrances before they become large problems. This applies to all of your equipment, especially industrial generators.

Depending on your needs, you can request various levels of generator services. Knowing the difference between minor generator testing and major generator testing can help you make the right decision. Learn the variations between the two options so you can make the most of your essential equipment.

What Is Minor Generator Testing?

Generator Integrity Tests (GITs) can help determine what kinds of repair services you need. The main difference between minor and major generator tests is the level of inspection. Minor generator tests include your standard generator assessments.

Minor GITs check the most basic functions of your generator. If you schedule minor generator testing, you can expect services such as:

  • RTD resistance test

  • DC leakage test

  • Rotor insulation resistance test

  • Pole drop test

What Is Major Generator Testing?

As you might expect, major generator testing is a bit more involved. These GITs usually include everything from minor inspections plus additional services. Depending on the repair shop, they may offer various levels of major tests to fit your specific circumstances.

At Illinois Electric Works, we offer two levels of major generator testing. GIT 2 includes services like borescope inspections, stator hi-pot tests, and wedge tightness tests. GIT 3 has everything from the minor and GIT 2 levels, with the addition of services like:

  • Stator double testing

  • Trace gas testing

  • Capacitance mapping

Which Option Is Best for You?

Understanding the differences between minor generator testing and major generator testing is the first step to optimizing your equipment. However, you might struggle to know which route is best for you. The easiest way to select your service is by hiring a reputable generator repair shop.

Let your repair service know about your generator problems. From there, they should be able to recommend the right inspection package. Contact reliable Midwest area generator services like Illinois Electric Works and we can help you navigate our many options.


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