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Top 3 Most Temperamental Electric Motor Parts

Top 3 Most Temperamental Electric Motor Parts

Industrial motors are complex devices with several essential components. However, some electric motor elements are more volatile than others and require additional maintenance due to their intricate nature. Keep a close eye on the top three most temperamental electric motor parts to reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of your equipment.


Motor windings are coiled wires that create magnetic poles in industrial motors. These elements are vital to an electronic motor’s success because they help supply electricity to operate these specialized devices. Motor windings are sensitive to contamination and need proper maintenance to increase longevity.

Windings are standard in almost all industrial settings, leaving them vulnerable to harsh conditions that could cause damage. Any amount of dirt, moisture, or debris can wear down the insulation that protects the windings and keeps them operating at high levels. Damaged windings can disrupt electricity flow in your equipment, making them one of the most temperamental electric motor parts.


Bearings are significant structures in industrial motors that support essential components. These crucial industrial motor pieces bear a lot of weight from heavy loads while supporting rotors and shafts that drive electric motors. They also consistently maintain a small air gap to ensure safe and efficient load transport.

Damaged bearings can create a massive disturbance on your work floor. Motors with faulty bearings will make excessive noise, vibrate, and eventually break down completely. They are vulnerable to damage from heavy weights, unlubricated joints, and electricity, making their malfunctions common. Since so much of an industrial motor’s success depends on solid bearings, professionals need to make maintenance a top priority.


All electric motors have gearboxes that control factors like speed, torque, and other elements. These systems transfer mechanical energy into an output device to run your important industrial equipment. Gearboxes enhance efficiency and reduce system operations by optimizing energy to industrial power motors.

Gearboxes sustain damage from friction and heat, two elements that are virtually unavoidable in an industrial environment. Faulty gearboxes will reduce your electric motors’ performance and cost your facility a pretty penny. It’s best to have an industrial gearbox repair service on hand to inspect your devices, so you can get ahead of any problems before they are catastrophic to your workflow.

While your electric motors have many sensitive components, these three will probably give you the most trouble. Staying on top of maintenance for your industrial equipment will ensure that you lose minimal time and money repairing and replacing essential parts.


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