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What Are Variable Frequency Drives and Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Variable Frequency Drives and Why Do You Need Them?

If you use industrial motors to power your facility, you need variable frequency drives. VFDs work by adapting frequency and speed depending on the specific operation. These features allow you to customize power levels and improve overall motor performance.

VFDs are essential pieces of machinery and offer many advantages for your business. Now that you know what variable frequency drives are, learn why you need them in your facility.

Increased Energy Conservation

Motors without VFDs operate at a standard speed. However, not all of your applications require the same amount of power to perform. You waste a massive amount of energy using motors for tasks that need less speed.

Using variable frequency drives allows you to conserve energy. By altering factors like speed, torque, and frequency for specific functions, your motors will only use the amount of power they need. These savings will cut your utility costs and improve efficiency.

Improved Equipment Maintenance

All industrial equipment degrades over time. The amount of voltage you need to run your essential equipment can cause damage, but you can increase your motors’ longevity if you can avoid overworking them.

You need variable frequency drives to improve your equipment maintenance schedule; repairing motors adds expensive downtime and slows down your operations. You can also save on repair and replacement costs by preventing voltage damage.

Enhanced Motor Efficiency

When it comes to industrial sites, there are few factors more essential than efficiency. Inefficient equipment wastes valuable time, money, and resources. Not only that, but it may also lead to decreased safety standards that put you and your employees at risk.

If you want to increase revenue and optimize production, you need a variable frequency drive. These mechanisms help your motors perform at their very best. With variable frequency drives, you can control electrical flow and improve your facility’s overall efficiency.

To outfit your equipment with the latest efficiency upgrades, contact Illinois Electric Works. We offer a stellar Midwestern VFD service that will have your facility smashing industry standards. Whether you need to repair your existing variable frequency drives or outfit equipment with new features, we can get the job done.


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