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What Is Your Variable Frequency Drive’s Lifespan?

What Is Your Variable Frequency Drive’s Lifespan?

If you own a system that uses variable frequency drives (VFD), you should quickly learn what your variable frequency drive’s lifespan is. The simple answer is that these drives last anywhere from 7 to 12 years. Knowing this is important because breakdowns in your VFD can cause system damage and slow down your generators or production. Read this list of the factors that commonly play into the lifespan of your VFD so that you can avoid some larger issues.


The first and possibly most important determining factor in the life of your VFD is the quality of the device when you buy it. Buying a cheap drive will lower your upfront costs, but the drive’s lifespan will also be shorter, and you’ll need a replacement sooner. This is why investing in your VFD will save you money over time, as you’ll need less frequent repairs and replacements.


Another factor you should know when seeking to understand your variable frequency drive's lifespan is the environment that surrounds it. Things like temperature and humidity play a large part in your drive’s longevity, and airborne particles can damage the systems. Your system might need more frequent cleanings and repairs if the environment is bad.


One common reason for VFD damage is improper setup and system management. Whether it’s from improper ventilation or current overload, damage often stems from bad systems. Ensure that your system runs correctly and use the correct VFD for your systems to ensure the best possible lifespan.


One factor that might be the most important and under your control is maintenance for your systems. Run regular checks and inspections on your VFD to catch damages and hire VFD repair services before problems become worse. This is the best thing you can do for your systems, as preventative maintenance is better than fixing problems after they become apparent.

This should help you understand more about your VFD’s lifetime and how you can best extend its usable life. By considering these factors and properly accounting for them during your system design, you can create a system that will last as long as possible.


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