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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Crucial for Power Generators

Why Preventive Maintenance Is Crucial for Power Generators

Power generators are at the very heart of any business operation. They allow you to run your machines in an efficient manner and are the reason your plant runs as smoothly as it does. However, even the most reliable of generators need their share of upkeep to perform optimally. These are a few reasons why preventive maintenance is crucial for power generators.

Prevents Performance Issues

First, preventative maintenance and repairs help keep larger mechanical problems from developing in the future. The more often you inspect your generator equipment and take care of minor issues, the less likely it is that problems will go unnoticed. This will ensure existing malfunctions aren’t left to worsen, and your generator always functions to the best of its ability.

Saves You Money on Repairs

With fewer major problems to take care of, you’ll also spend less money fixing them. Minor damage and faulty parts are much easier and cheaper to replace than issues that have developed over time. As such, getting them taken care of immediately is much easier on your wallet long-term. Additionally, this provides you with the extra funds to devote to other areas of your business operations.

Reduces Carbon Monoxide Generation

Another reason why preventive maintenance is crucial for power generators is because of their potential to release carbon monoxide into the environment around them. When a generator isn’t regularly maintained, it has the potential to start releasing this chemical as a byproduct of electrical creation. Carbon monoxide is incredibly toxic to the human body and can make everyone in the vicinity extremely ill if they inhale it. Therefore, performing the necessary repairs is as much a matter of safety as it is equipment functionality.

Prolongs Generator Lifespan

Staying on top of regular generator maintenance is essential for keeping the generator running for a long time. Whenever a generator experiences a major malfunction—not to mention several—its general lifespan decreases by several years. This is because damage in certain areas can cause deterioration in other parts of the machine, making specific issues hard to diagnose. Reach out to a qualified industrial generator service, like us here at Illinois Electric Works. We handle inspections and repairs, both of which will be crucial to your success.


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