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How To Tell if Your Crane or Hoist System Needs Repair

How To Tell if Your Crane or Hoist System Needs Repair

Lifting heavy objects requires rock-solid equipment in perfect condition. If a crane or hoist suddenly breaks or stops working mid-lift, then you could have a dangerous problem on your hands. Here’s how to tell if your crane or hoist system needs repair.

Visible Wear and Tear

Like any machine or well-used tool, cranes and hoists will develop natural wear and tear over time. While you can’t prevent the gradual deterioration, you can do your best to spot dangerous breakages before they turn into massive headaches.

Preventive maintenance is an excellent way to minimize the natural impact of the workload and outdoor elements on your machinery. When you have a dedicated team that periodically inspects every inch of your crane or hoist, you’re much less likely to experience life-threatening stalls or lift arm breaks.

Dripping or Leaking Plumbing

Cranes and hoists rely on several types of liquid to complete their jobs. First is the gasoline that powers the engine. The next vital, fluid-based component is the hydraulic system, whose hoses may begin to detach, blister, or leak.

If you notice dripping or leaking plumbing during a crane inspection, then you know it’s time for repairs. The last thing you want is a machine that leaks gasoline or loses hydraulic power. If you continue operating such machinery, you could further damage the crane or hoist, incurring costlier repairs.

Continued Failure

Hoists and cranes aren’t immune to failure. In fact, when you notice unexpected problems constantly, you know that something systemic is to blame. If you can’t pinpoint the exact location of the issue, then you should have a professional take a look. A trained mechanic will have a better time troubleshooting the malfunction and finding a suitable solution.

Knowing how to tell if your crane or hoist system needs repair can make a massive difference in your machine performance. If you need immediate servicing, our team at Illinois Electric Works represents the best of the best when it comes to overhead crane repair companies. Speak to one of our expert technicians today and schedule full-service maintenance to keep your tools running smoothly for years to come.


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