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When To Replace or Repair Your Electric Motor: What To Know

When To Repair or Replace Your Electric Motor: What To Know

Electric motors are a necessary part of almost every piece of heavy equipment in large manufacturing places. This is why it’s so damaging when they break down and bring production to a grinding stop, costing time and money. However, if you know when to replace or repair your electric motor, you can minimize your losses in these moments.

When To Repair

If your motor does break down, it doesn’t mean you must replace it. Oftentimes, a simple repair or replacement part will get your motor back into action. This repair will quickly fix your problem and bring production back online. Please note that not all breakdowns are directly related to your motor; often, the gearbox breaks down, and you’ll need a gearbox specialist for those kinds of electric motor repairs.

When To Replace

Your motor will eventually wear down and break past the point of cost-efficient repair. Although it may be possible to fix your motor, the cost is just not worth it, and replacement is cheaper. At that point, you should look for an electric motor replacement, possibly one that is an upgrade from your older model. Consider the breakdown an opportunity to upgrade your whole system.

Preventative Electric Motor Maintenance

If you aren’t doing this already, one major change you should make is performing regular preventative maintenance on your motors. Instead of waiting for your motors to break and halt production, repair and replace parts when there are signs of damage—this can save you a lot of downtime and money. You should also make sure you have proper electric motor storage for machinery you aren’t currently using. Running frequent inspections will help you know when to repair or replace your electric motor before it causes massive issues for your production. That’s why preventative maintenance is the best thing a company can do.

Now you know the best practices for motor repairs and replacements, you should be in a great spot for future profits. Even if you do have full breakdowns, you should know how to best approach the situation and deal with it efficiently, reducing the loss of profits. If you’re looking for electric or industrial motor repair services in Illinois, reach out to Illinois Electric Works today.


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